Manscaping Services

Manscaping Services

Manscaping - Body Grooming - Body Trimming Service, West Palm Beach, Florida

Manscaping & Grooming Services

Our Manscaping services are highly confidential. Hours available include early mornings, late afternoon, evening, and weekends. Because looking good and feeling good is important to you, let me take care of your manscaping needs. Grooming is a matter of personal preference and men have numerous reasons for trimming or removing their body hair. For most men being well-groomed means being more to possible partners. In addition, men choose to remove body hair for hygienic reasons, sporting reasons, to show off their muscles, enhance the appearance of their body shape, for religious reasons, to express their personal style or to be up to date with the trends.

Body Trimming

Body TrimmingIf you’re looking to do some de-forestation, but not yet ready to go “totally clean,” a body hair trimming is the best option. Trimming allows you to shorten your hair in certain body areas instead of getting rid of all of it. (Temporary)

Body Waxing

sugaring-hair-removalWaxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removed the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back for 4-8 weeks. (Semi-permanent) men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger. Brazilian wax in South Florida is also a requested service.

Men’s Facials


European Facial Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin whit fresh younger looking in 40 min. Enjoy a nice relaxing time with so many benefits during a classic European Facial. Our custom Facial is Specifically formulated to the male need. Soothe your face from shaving irritations, excessive sun exposure, pollution or bad diet. This deep cleansing (extractions) and relaxing facial is a customized treatment that will clean and exfoliate your specific skin type. During the facial, your aestheticism will analyze your skin and help you design a skin care regimen that you can live with.