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Treat yourself with some relaxing time in a quite European atmosphere.

It’s Summertime! Time to Body Groom!  Remove unwanted superfluous body hair. A fine art form exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as it pertains to the male body.

Are you a busy professional on the go?  Is looking good and feeling good important to you?  Do you have a little too much body hair and finding it difficult to tame? It is my pleasure to offer you manscaping / esthetics services that will work with your busy life.  I can help trim, even wax your chest, back, legs, private areas, etc. Quality products are used for the best possible experience.

shaving_waxing_manscapingManscaping Services We Offer… Men’s Facials, Body Hair Removal Services, Body Trimming Services, Body Waxing Services, eyebrows, underarms, feet & toes, hands & fingers, nostrils, earlobes, back or full arms, chest & torso Back, shoulders, and neck, Full legs.